COVID update: I will be seeing new friends again starting in June. I plan on only seeing one person or couple per 7 day period, with testing in between, to do my best at not spreading this virus. I maintain strict social distancing, and mask wearing, because I care about about the safty of those around me. During June, I will only be accepting incall dates, avoiding busy hotel lobbies. If you would like to know more, please reach out. 


Thank you for taking the time to find out a bit more; hopefully we can delve even further over drinks, or dinner sometime. I am a discreet, kindhearted, educated, adventurous, and decisive woman. My easy laughter, and joyful smile warms rooms, and eases the tensions of those around me. The fire in my eays will hold your gaze and leave you desiring something more. I call Chicago home, but am happy to join you in places near and far. 

I have a genuine curiosity in people. Meeting and connecting with new and unique individuals is one of my greatest pleasures.  I enjoy spending hours steeped in conversation, listening to their stories unfold. I enjoy making those in my presence the center of my world and lavishing attention on them for whatever time we have together. Every relationship I build is treated as a unique experience, and I consider it a gift. I am quite happy in my own presence, spending time in solitude with my other work, or my books. This assures that when I spend time with you I am fresh and energized, so that I can focus on your needs. My other endeavors allow me to be quite selective about whom I choose to spend time with. This helps assure that time spent with me never feels like a session; instead it is an exclusive experience, that you will want to come back to time and again….

I have a drive for new and diverse experiences and for forging new connections with people. I am as happy exploring California wine country, as I am hiking mountains, or walking warm sandy beaches. While I adore fine dining, I also love the incredible diversity of local ethnic eateries that Chicago has to offer, or spending hours in the kitchen perfecting a new recipe. I am a nationally competitive extreme athlete and a scholar; I double majored in the hard sciences and, have spent several years as a college professor, while also finding time to co-found a small tech startup. Simply put I know which fork to use when dining, or where to find the best diving in Thailand.

I have traveled extensively both domestically and abroad, and lived outside of the country for extended periods of time. I am an easy travel companion, who knows how to navigate airports, train stations, and complicated bus routes without stress. While I naturally prefer the tropics, there are some sites worth bundling up for. My passport and global entry card are always up to date!


Looking forward to planning the ultimate date…..xoxoxo






Name: Elaina Amhurst
Main City: Chicago, IL
Sex: Female
Body Type: Athletic
Measurements: 32D-25-37
Height: 5' 0"
Weight: 115 lbs
Race/Ethnic: Caucasian
Age: Late 30s
Eye Color: blue/green
Hair Color: Blonde
Hair Length: Long
Breast Implants: No
Tattoos?: I have a couple of small discrete tattoos that can be easily hidden in public, if you desire.
Smokes?: No



To reserve any amount of time with me, please go to the Reservations page. Rates are for incall or outcall apoinments. As I prefer taking the time to connect with the men I see, booking prefference will go to longer dates. My incall is in a lovely aprtment located in Lincoln Park. 

Established friends, please enquire about overnight and 24 hour rates that are only for you.


Chicago area

60-90 minutes:                 $1000 

Two hours:                        $1300  

Three hours:                     $1700

Four hours:                       $2000

Overnight:                        $3500 

Twenty-four hours:          $4500


Chicago Suburbs:

4 hr minimum for incall that I set up at a 4/5 star hotel

Near suburbs $50 travel fee for all dates less than 4 hours

Far suburbs $100 travel fee for all dates less than 4 hours

Outside of suburban area, St Charles etc. $150 travel fee for all dates less than four hours

Champaige/Urbana, Rockford, Madison $200 travel fee for dates less than 4 hours

If unsure of where your location falls into this, please email


Outside of the Chicago area, Fly me to you:

(Plus all travel expenses)            

Four hours:                   $2400

Fourteen hours:           $4000

Twenty-four hours:     $5000

Forty-eight hours:       $7500

Seventy-two hours:     $10000

Aditional days:             $2,000


Social time only dates, can be a great way to get to know each other. This is also a great option for those needing a date for work events, or weddings. Maybe you just crave some company while going to a sporting event, or theater. I hold degrees in Chemistry, Geology, and Nursing, and am currently persuing a joint master's program. I have traveled extensively, and lived out of country. I am comfortable in just about any environment, and can hold an inteligent conversation with grace. Please remember that these dates, can not be combined with any other date, and are a completely stand alone offering. If black or white tie formal attire is required, please add $200. 


Up to two hours:             $500

Two to four hours:          $800


Cancelation: If you have to cancel, please do so with as much advanced notice as possible. If more than 48 hours, you will be forgiven, although I may ask for a deposit before booking future dates. If less than 48 hours, I will ask for a 50% remittance, and I will also require a deposit for any future dates.

Extended dates are intended to explore our connection through outside endeavors. I thoroughly enjoy exploring this city, and many others. Perhaps you would like to do some site seeing, take in a show, watch a game, eat at some of the best restaurants in the world, or maybe you need a date to a corporate event. I am happy to spend time with you in any of these delights, and so many more. Just let me know what your personal preferences are if you would like me to plan our date, or let me know the itinerary you have planned so I can dress accordingly. 

Possibly you desire a travel companion. I am an experienced traveler, and have lived outside of the country for vast periods of time. For all travel, domestic or international, a fifty percent deposit is a must. I have a current passport, as well as TSA Pre-check, and a Global Entry card. I also hold several advanced PADI ratings, and love more athletic pursuits. So, whether you desire a weekend in wine country or something more adventurous, I am the woman for you!

Overnight dates are up to 14 hours, and always ending by 10:00 am the following morning. Please understand that three to four hour engagements shall include cocktails and or dinner. Engagements of fourteen hours or more will require dinner out, and breakfast. To remain the cheerful companion that you adore, all overnights will require a minimum of six hours of sleep. In-call three hour minimum. A fifty percent deposit is required for all travel dates. 

I only accept one invitation per day, and only see a couple of companions per week. Because of this it is almost always necessary to book your appointment ahead of time, even for regularly seen friends.  This allows me to always show up fresh and stress free for our time together so that I may shower you with personal attention, without feeling like our time together is rushed because I am mentally preparing for another engagement. 

Extra time: If while we are together, you decide that you would like more of my affection, please make your request as soon as possible, and do not assume that I don’t have other plans. I lead a very full life, and making extra time is not always possible, but I will do what I can to meet your wishes. Again, please be versed in my rates so that we do not have to discuss compensation during private time.

All rates are for companionship only, and nothing else is implied or promised. This is not an offer for prostitution, sexual arousal, contact or gratification. Please familiarize yourself with my fees and do not refer to them or try to negotiate specific services during out time together. To do so makes me quite uncomfortable and will result in an immediate end to our meeting, without refund.





In all matters it cannot be underestimated how much of a turn on good old fashioned manners are to me. While I trust that since you have gotten this far you have a certain level of common sense and decorum, I never like to assume that one knows my mind or proclivities. Therefore, to be sure that we both have similar expectations, I have included this section. Please read in its entirety, so that our time together may be completely unimpeded.

Communication: I prefer to do most of my communication via email. After a certain level of trust has been built, then I will entertain an occasional phone call. Please understand that I have a professional life outside of consulting, and that I will not be available 24/7. I will however get back to you in a timely manner. I also always expect our conversations to be conducted with the refined manners that a lady like myself deserves. Any vulgar language or discussion of specific services will not be entertained.

First meeting: If this is our first time meeting, I may request that we meet in a public place of my choosing. Depending on the length of our meeting, perhaps this will be for a quick cocktail or a relaxing dinner. This allows us both to become more familiar with the other.

Compensation: Before we meet, it is expected that you have visited my website and are clear about the compensation that is due upon our meeting. Finances will never be discussed during our time together.  Whether we are meeting at your place or mine, please leave the payment in an unsealed envelope by the bathroom sink, in plain view. If we are meeting in public, you can place the payment in a greeting card or gift bag. If you are paying by credit card, I will take care of that when you arrive if we are in private, or wait until we are behind closed doors if meeting in public.

Extra time: If while we are together and you decide that you would like more of my affection, please make your request as soon as possible and do not assume that I don’t have other plans. I lead a very full life, and making extra time is not always possible, but I will do what I can to meet your wishes. Again, please be versed my rates so that we do not have to discuss compensation during private time.

Cancelation: If you have to cancel, please do so with as much advanced notice as possible. If more than 48 hours, you will be forgiven, though I may ask for a deposit before booking future dates. If less than 48 hours, I will ask for a 50% remittance, and I will also require a deposit for any future dates.

Personal care: As I take time to prepare myself for you, I expect a similar respect. Strong colognes make it hard for me to breath, so I would appreciate it if you avoided these before our date. Smoking in my presence, or smelling strongly of smoke will not be tolerated. The same is true of intoxication. A drink or two is fine, but showing up inebriated or becoming so on our date will be a cause for ending our time together without refund. I ask that all gentlemen meeting me at my incall will shower upon arriving. If I am meeting you at an outcall, I ask that you be freshly showered before my arrival. 

Drug and Disease Free: I would hope that this would go without saying. My health is of the utmost important to me and I only meet with gentlemen who are drug and disease free. Please do not show up to our date with any illegal substances. This would cause me to bring our date to an immediate ending.

Boundaries: We all have them. Please respect mine, as I will be quite clear if you are approaching my edges. Do not pressure me to do anything I am not comfortable with. If you behavior is aggressive, offensive or vulgar I will be ending our date immediately.

Reviews: I do not allow them. I prefer that our time stay private, and that no reviews are posted on any site. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I trust that it will help ensure that we are both on the same page from the beginning, and lead to a more fulfilling experience.



Why have you chosen this profession?

I'm drawn to the world of companionship for many reasons, but most of all because I have a deeply rooted love of genuine connection.  Time spent together can be deeply therapeutic or romantic, and my goal is to have every new encounter be a wonderful experience for all involved. I love seduction, the sense of bliss that comes from touching and being touched, the memorable butterflies I feel before embarking on a date full of promise with a wonderful new friend.  I care for people, I care about people, and very few things leave me as satisfied as making someone else's life a little fuller, and a little brighter.


Why didn’t you respond to my email or screening?

It is possible that there was a technical glitch or that I may have missed something, while I was traveling. If this is the case, then I apologize and please feel free to contact me again. If however you did not follow the etiquette that I requested, or if your provided information was not verifiable, then please do not be surprised that I cut off communication with you.

What do you do with the screening information I send you? How secure is my data?

I only use the information to verify that you are who you say you are, and that you are a safe discreet person to meet with. After that, all information is deleted from my system, save a first name and phone number or email address, depending on your preferred means of communication. My computer is full disk encrypted, I always use a TOR browser for work done on the internet, my email and website are hosted offshore (Switzerland), and my cell phone is locked with a pass code, not bio encrypted, all to ensure my clients the highest degree of privacy and data protection. 

Do you have an age requirement, and do you spend time with 'newbies'?

I prefer to spend time with men who are at least in their late thirties, but may make an exception for a particularly well-spoken gentleman.

‘Newbies’ are welcome, as long as they pass the normal screening process satisfactorily.

Do you spend time with couples?

I do when both participants have passed the screening process, and have communicated with me personally. I don't do 'surprises', so please don't ask for an exception in the rule. I am available for MM couples as well as FM couples. If accepted, please add 50% to the normal rates.

Do you spend time with African American Men?

I abhor the fact that this question even needs to be addressed still today. Yes, I see men of all races and ethnicities as long as you pass the regular screening requirements. 

Do you accept credit cards or bitcoin?

I prefer cash, but do accept electronic payments. For credit card there is a 10% convenience fee. For bitcoin a 3% fee is added. I also accept electronic Amazon gift cards, a 3% fee is added.  All forms of electronic payments must be sent at least 24 hours before the date, to ensure that funds are available, and non-reversible.  

Are your rates negotiable?

Absolutely not.

Where do you entertain?

Most areas of Chicago at your upscale hotel or residence. I will only meet you at your residence after a certain level of trust has been built. If you are requesting that I travel into the suburbs, near suburbs such as Evanston or Oakpark incur a $50 travel fee. Farther suburbs such as Rosemont and Oakbrook please add $100. I am available to travel to even further suburbs/cities, but please inquire for relevant travel fees. All travel fees within a two hour radius will be waived for dates of three hours and longer. 

I would prefer to have an in-call appointment,  do you offer this?

Yes, I have a beautiful, private incall space in Lincoln Park, with ample free parking. In the suburbs, I make arrangements in an upscale hotel. In this case, a three hour minimum appointment is required. 

Have you had any plastic surgeries?

No, I am 100% natural.

Are your photos current?

Yes, I have professional photos taken every year. Photos that I keep up from previous years will be marked in a gallery by date. If I make any dramatic changes to my hair etc, those will also be updated in my most current photos. I aim to be authentic at all times.

Are you really that petite?

Yes, I am a tiny curvy five foot, 115 lb power house. Do not mistake my diminutive size for weakness though. I am an athlete who prioritizes my fitness and health.

Do you have any tattoos?

I have a couple of small discreet tattoos, that can easily be hidden if you let me know in advance. 

Do you offer other packages than those described already; Can we customize something else?

Yes, those are meant to serve as a guideline. If you wish to see me for a longer engagement, please send me your request, and I will let you know a rate. At this time I am unable to make dates lasting longer than four days, due to one of my other business being quite time consuming. That will hopefully change in the near future.

If I want to see you on a regular basis, does that affect your rates? Are you open to ongoing affairs?

Yes. I greatly value those who invest time in a relationship with me. Ongoing, monthly, travel and exclusive accommodations are entertained after we are better acquainted.

May I video, photograph, or otherwise record our time together?

No, I value my privacy. All memories that we make together will remain only in our mind’s eye.




Please know that extra gifts are never expected, but as a person who loves to spoil those around me, I understand that the desire to give a gift is often irresistible. For those who would like to show me extra attention, this is simply a jumping off point, and all gifts will be cherished and remembered.

Birthday: August 8

Donations in my honor: The Humane Society, Heifer International, St. Jude Children’s Hospital, Kiva, Planned Parenthood Ation Fund. Please know that giving to those less fortunate is an aphrodisiac to me.

Tickets to the theater: I love musicals, and would be extra grateful for tickets to see Hamilton. 

Flowers: I especially adore peonies and orchids

Wine: I love big bold reds, crisp whites, and dry bubbles

Aged tequilas such as Don Julio 1942

Extra dark chocolates

Gift cards: REI, Nordstrom, Open Table, Aire Spa

Amazon wish list: http://a.co/5klBimd 

Vintage jewelry from the 20s and 30s

I am quite petite, and usually find fashion fitting a bit difficult. If you desire to dress me, it may be best to take me shopping with you.




I look forward to seeing you! Please read my website carefully because it should answer most of your questions. Offensive phone calls and emails will be ignored. I do not communicate by voice or text until screening has been completed. Please do not send a message saying "please call me to set up a date", unless you have filled out my reservations page completely. If you are requesting a date, please be as specific as possible regarding availability, day/time, length of date, incall/outcall, etc. Vague requests with incomplete information may not be returned. Thank you! xoxo


I accept P411 clients! 


I'm ready to book



The women listed here, I have met personally and trust intimately. 


Amelia Parker: Amelia and I have been friends outside of this realm for years. She is mischevious and delightful. I adore spending time with her. 




Mara Blake: We make a fantastic duo of maturity and youth, and we are both tiny little spinners. She is a dancer and I an athlete. Mara is as sweet as pie, a joy to be around, and I just can't enough of her! 








Tonja Wallace: Do you desire the variety of tall slender goddess mixed with a petite athlete like myself? Why not let Tonja and I show you how good variety can be! We met earlier this fall, and the fireworks were immediate. We had such a delicious time together that we are always looking for an excuse to have fun with each other again!






At this point in my career, tours are very rare, and your best chance of meeting me somewhere other than Chicago is a fly me to you date. I will update this page for any pending tours, and please join my mailing list, as I will send out updates there. 

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